Sandy Spencer

212 East 6th St

Real estate changes and also remains the same. I lived in the same home for all of my formative years.  I loved that home so much. 

My 5 children, however, have lived in many different homes and many different places.  
Real estate can give us that consistency of home while also reinventing what home looks like from place to place, year to year, family to family. 
This is why I love it.  We all want a place to call home.
I’ve spent the last 17 years finding “home" and reinventing what that looks like for my family of 7.  I became an agent because I love
finding home and I love helping others discover what that means for their families.
Born and raised in the Midwest, I married a Moscow native and fell in love with the Palouse.  We left in 2004 to pursue career opportunities.   
After 10 years of chasing our livelihood around the country, returning to Moscow in 2014 was an easy and obvious decision.  
We wanted to create for our children our version of home here where our family began. As the old adage goes, “Home is where the heart is.” 
I’d be honored to help you find yours.